Back in 2004 I started feeding Blue Ridge Beef to my then National Winning Bombay The Darkside's R2D2. He ate four plates of food the first time he tried it. 16 years later, he is still eating Blue Ridge Beef. I attribute his long and healthy life, as well as his terrific show career to Blue Ridge Beef. I started talking it up to other exhibitors and people would ask me to bring a case back for them when I would get it from the North Carolina manufacturer. I also weaned bombay kittens on it and had no adverse affects for kittens switching from Mom cat to real food.

I was then approached by Blue Ridge Beef to become a distributor in the Mid Atlantic Region because I had a loading dock (a requirement in those days). I did and in November of 2007 Best of Breed LLC was born (Now Best In Show Naturals). We have grown and added new products to our line. We now have Blue Ridge Beef, Chew Dat Foods, Whole Life products, vitamins and soon Litter. We are proud of our products and our delivery service and website (designed and managed by John Summer). We will continue to bring you the best possible products and service for the health and well being of your show and pet cats and dogs.

We want to thank all of the people who helped to get us to where we are today, this success did not happen on it's own. It is our wonderful customers and their feedback and John Summer and his unwavering ability to grow this business that has us launching this new website to make it easier for you to get our products for your pets.

Thank you for your loyalty and business!

Deborah Curtis/John Summer