As you all know, over the years, Best In Show Naturals, formerly Best Of Breed LLC, has been an advocate for pet health via nutrition. We advocate for species appropriate feeding and supplements to help owners avoid if possible, or address if needed, skin sensitivities and other issues that can arise from feeding commercially processed product.

We have found that many of our pets suffer from skin sensitivities and behavior issues such as separation or noise anxiety, which is related to the environment. In order to help manage and maintain overall companion animal health, Best In Show Naturals, has partnered with an Essential Oil company, doTERRA. This was a choice made based on the quality, purity and potency of the product. doTERRA’s essential oils are CPTG or Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. That means, every time you order your essential oils, you will receive the highest purity oils available. That is important to us.

We also wanted to partner with a company that was socially responsible. Co-impact sourcing guarantees that the farmers who grow the plants are well compensated. It also means that the land and the trees are well cared for. doTERRA is also known for its Healing Hands Foundation which provides farming aid and guidance to third world peoples. We wanted to be part of that corporate consciousness, because that is what we are about as well.

Through personal use and through testimonials from many pet professionals, we have found these essential oils to aid in so many ways. From skin issues which result in use of commercially available cleaners, to digestive issues also arising from the environment. Coat care, better behavior and better sleep can all be facilitated with these products. Let us not forget the geriatric companion animals. We all have aging pets who start to suffer from sundowners. Whether it is hip and back discomfort or just feeling a little lost, we can help our pets live a higher quality of life in their later years. If you would like to find out how, please let us know so we can schedule a class or a personal consultation.

In the meantime, there are customized kits we have comprised especially for use with our pets. Everything ranging from just a couple of oils to try, to the top 10 most commonly used oils, to every oil imaginable that can help in your daily lives. These same oils can impact our lives as well, and the lives of our kids and family, so dive on in!

Here is a PDF to help you understand the oils in the kits. VIEW HERE

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